Could James Corden replace Ellen DeGeneres?

Following numerous reports of racism, bullying and sexual harassment being a part of the culture on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show,” the Sun is reporting that Corden could serve as her successor.

Corden, who currently hosts “The Late Late Show with James Corden,” has reportedly long been seen as a potential replacement on “Ellen,” the show DeGeneres has hosted since 2003.
According to the Sun’s source, “Replacing Ellen was always going to be a tough challenge, but [Corden] is a natural fit and easy transition,” the sources notes. “James would freshen up daytime and with a free hand would be allowed to build a new afternoon era.” However, the 41-year-old, who was a relative unknown before his show took off five years ago, is contracted for his own show through 2022.

Stories about the toxic environment on DeGeneres’ set began on March 20, when comedian Kevin T. Porter launched a Twitter thread asking people to share their negative experiences with her. Porter called DeGeneres “one of the meanest people alive.”
Despite the numerous negative accounts – and celebrities like Brad Garrett and Lea Thompson supporting these claims – DeGeneres will continue to fight for her shows. An internal email, obtained by the New York Post, revealed that the 62-year-old wife of Portia de Rossi would be going back to work this month. She will return on Aug. 24 for “Ellen’s Game of Games” and then for the talk show on Sept. 9.