Detroit Tigers Newsletter: Why stop at 7-inning doubleheaders?

Today is an off-day for the Detroit Tigers.
It wasn’t supposed to be.
Saturday was an off-day, too.
Of course, while Saturday’s postponement was unplanned, it was far from unpredictable if you’re familiar with southeast Michigan in late July (as the Detroit Tigers Newsletter ostensibly is) – it rains, and the Tigers play their home games in a stadium without a roof.
Today’s off-day, though …
Well, that was probably predictable, too, if you thought clearly about the practicality of roughly 1,500 people pinballing around the country during a pandemic.
Which is to say, the Tigers have the day off today because there’s no roof for what’s ailing the St. Louis Cardinals right now: COVID-19. The Cards had multiple positives on Friday, and then even more positives on Saturday, resulting in a wipeout of their series in Milwaukee. Oh, and a reconfiguring of their four-game home-and-home series with the Tigers into a three-day set, all at Comerica Park, including a doubleheader (two seven-inning games!) in the middle and the teams splitting home-field advantage.
But, if all goes according to plan, what was supposed to be a stretch of 20 games in 20 days for the Tigers – and 60 games in 66 days, all told – will remain a 20-in-20/60-in-66 sprint galumph. (Sprints don’t have off-days, y’know?)
And today? Today is like a snow day, except the “snow” in this case has the potential to send you to the hospital, age you decades overnight and screw up your heart …
Of course, this “snow” isn’t melting any time soon, either. But we’re from Michigan; dealing with snow – real or metaphorical – is what we do for so many months out of the year. (And seriously … wear a mask.)
Because, really, we shouldn’t be too negative. We’ve made it through 10 games – that’s 16.7% of the season, or 27 games in a 162-game schedule – and the Tigers are 5-5, which isn’t terrible! And sure, they’re not tied for first place anymore, but at least they’ve been out there playing games – mostly – unlike those layabout Marlins with their 2-1 record. What have we learned in those 10 games? The Freep’s Jeff Seidel has some thoughts, including some big shockers from the bullpen.
That is not how that saying goes, at all. Nevertheless, the Tigers’ bullpen (non-rookie version), featuring Buck Farmer, Gregory Soto and Joe Jimenez, has been a pleasant surprise. The Freep’s Evan Petzold got to the bottom of that; find out here why it all starts with a group text chat.
Again, not at all how that goes, but whatever, Spencer Turnbull has been so good this year that we’ll allow it. The Freep’s Carlos Monarrez got the Tigers’ second-year starter to tell us the stats he likes, and why he doesn’t care much for the pitcher win. (Neither did the 2019 Tigers, buddy, neither did the 2019 Tigers …)
OK, now we’re just not trying. But we’ll be big about it and give ex-Tiger Nick Castellanos props for going deep twice at Comerica Park on Sunday. Watch him get closure against his hated nemesis, the right field fence, here.
Uh, Toledo. But we’re guessing you knew that if you’re as anxious to watch “The Alabama Salamander” (The Red Hills salamander is the state amphibian of Alabama – look it up – and one of these nicknames will catch on someday …) as we are. Why there – Toledo, not the Red Hills – you ask? Our Man Petzold broke that down on Sunday, and also looked at some other teams that haven’t been quite so cautious in promoting their prospects.
(Our Man Seidel also checked in on the hush-hush happenings in Toledo, where the Tigers are building a champion … in Call of Duty, at least.)
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