Everton vs Liverpool: ‘Buzzing noise’ on Sky Sports drives fans ‘crazy’

Fans have been driven mad after a ‘buzzing noise’ disrupted coverage of Everton vs Liverpool on Sky Sports.
The disruption to the Merseyside derby at Goodison Park saw fans take to social media to complain, with one fan describing it as “insufferable.”
A buzzing noise could be heard behind Martin Tyler and Gary Neville’s commentary of the match throughout the first half.
Alongside the unwanted buzzing noise, the staged fan noise could be heard throughout to drown out the lack of atmosphere due to no fans allowed in the stadium as a result of measures to combat coronavirus.
Another fan wrote: “What is this horrible buzzing noise in the background?”
“The buzzing noise on Sky Sports is driving me crazy,” wrote another fans.
Sky Sports’s Twitter account was then inundated with fans pleading with them to “fix the horrendous buzzing noise”.
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