Metals: Bumpy road in search for the bottom

Metals: Bumpy road in search for the bottom | Article …
Metals will be seeking to rebalance after the shocks from both the supply and demand-side. They are likely to be on a bumpy road while searching for the bottom over 2Q20 provided that the Covid-19 outbreak in the world follow a similar pattern to the outbreak in China.

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Bumpy Road Ahead for Industrial Metals – Yahoo
For the industrial metals industry, demand will remain strong in the years to come given their varied uses. While industrial metals would gain from healthy momentum for growth in automotive and …

metal rattling sound front end when driving over bumpy
I’ve been hearing a metal rattling sound from the front end on my V6 RAV4 whenever I go over a road with a bumpy section or on a dirt road. I never hear anything on a smooth road or when I just go over a single speed bump. It wasn’t a loose heat shield, and the mechanic at the dealership…

Precious Metals Continue To Correct | Seeking Alpha
After recent peaks, all four of the precious metals have turned south, and the bumpy road in 2017 is continuing as we are coming to the midway point of this year.

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I do not suggest that anyone does this but I need help and do not want to replace the entire bottom half of my car … Metal Knocking sound when I hit a bump … Ford Escape Front End Rattle Over …

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Usually there are two kinds of scrapes – the wide flat ones and then the sharp pointy ones like a rock. I trust you did not have a pointy rock but a broad area where the elevation changed due to going over a curb or speed bump. When you hit a broa…

Clunk Noise When Hitting Bumps | Mustang Forums at StangNet
It could be anything in the suspension. In my case, a “popping” sound started, but it reached a fine point after a few months. At that time, it didn’t seem to get worse. Just make a sound over the smallest change in road grade. Then a few years later, the noise got worse- it turned into a severe vibration/metal on metal squeel.